Hey Beautiful


It is beautiful and it is messy.

It brings us tears of joy and tears of exhaustion.

It sucks all of our time, energy, and even sanity, but it also replenishes with squeezy hugs, sloppy kisses, and belly laughs.

The days are long but the years are short, momma.  Cherish these days, these moments, and never ever forget them; they will be even sweeter in memories; and don't forget to capture them because your children want to see you when they look back at their childhood pictures.  Your children want to see you - the woman who loved them unconditionally, who was their biggest cheerleader, who scared away monsters at night and kissed their boo boos during the day.  You are the most beautiful, perfect momma, and they want to remember you.  Yes, you.  Right now, just as you are.

Whether you take your own pictures or hire a photographer, do it for your children, friend.  Your children and your children's children will thank you.

When your children search for pictures of you one day, what will they find?