About Me

Hi there! I am Jenn Martin and I am a portrait photographer who specializes in women, teen, senior, and personal branding.  I love getting girls and women in front of the camera and showing them their gorgeous images.  It brings me joy every single time.  I think my favorite part of this experience is the session reveal when I show clients their video and prints and get to witness their emotional reactions to seeing themselves the way everyone else sees them...beautiful.

I give you permission to have a day all about you.  Relax, get your hair and makeup done, feel beautiful, and then go out and celebrate that night because you deserve it.  You are beautiful now - let me show you.



I am honored to be a member of Click Pro and the Daily Project.  


Click Magazine, March April 2017 Issue, Natural Posing Helping Teen Girls Feel Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Lemonade and Lenses December 2016 Portrait Issue, Say Yes to a Home Studio

Clickin Moms Blog, Capturing the Beauty of Mommas


2015 VOICE Collection, hosted by Click Magazine, finalist in the Happiness and Still Life Categories

2017 Portrait Masters Awards, 16 Bronze Merits in the Contemporary Portraits, Teen and Senior Portraits, Children's Portraits, and Creative Portraits Categories

I exist in photos for my daughters. I want them to know that I was there at this time in their lives - not always behind the camera - and I want them to see it - to see me and my joy. One day they will look through these portraits with their children - what a precious gift.

Photo Credit Laura Gampfer Photography

My Vision and Promise

My goal is to help girls, teens, and women feel comforable in front of the camera and exist in pictures.  I want hard-working mommas to take a little time for themselves and to feel beautiful.  High school seniors, I am going to show you how gorgeous you are and help you to feel confident and ready to take on the world.  I want to help teens and little girls love themselves and embrace their uniqueness. Grandmas, you are beautiful.  Your bodies tell the story of your lives and this is true beauty.  Let's capture it for you, your children, and your family. 

I am going to show you your unique beauty that your loved ones see in you everyday.

you are beautiful now

I am a woman so I understand the fear of sitting in front of the camera.  It is not easy but I am here to help you feel comfortable. 

Have you ever told anyone you are not photogenic?  There is no such thing, my dear.  You are, you just have not seen it yet.  All you need to do is show up, get your hair and makeup done, feel pampered and beautiful and listen to my directions.

It is my job to direct you and to take the most beautiful pictures you have ever seen of yourself.  You just be you. 

exist in pictures

There are so many reasons that we don't get in front of the camera and I have heard many of them.

"I need to lose 20 pounds, I am not photogenic, I just want pictures of my kiddos..."

But I am here to tell you to stop waiting.  We will never be perfect and there will always be something we want to improve or change - such is human nature.  When your family looks at you, they see your true beauty shine through. Let me show you.

When your children and your family are searching for photos of you in the future, what will they find?