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Modern Momma Daughter Portrait Sessions

Stunning was the word I came up with to describe this mom. I am truly blessed to call her a friend – we met through a great group called MOPS and if you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out because this is where I found my tribe of beautifully hearted women.

She is a wife, a mom of 2, a PT, a social event planner, a runner, a yogi, a welcoming hostess, and I am thankful to call this beautiful momma a friend. She is the kind of person who calls when she knows you might be having a bad day to see if you need anything. You would be lucky to know her. And I just love these portraits of her and her sweet daughter.

Exist in Pictures for your Daughter

I know that as moms it is sometimes hard to take time for ourselves. There is laundry to do, meal planning, groceries, work, PTA, after-school activities, poopy diapers, crumbs on the floor, drop-off and pick up, and the list goes on and on….and oh, wait, did I even take a shower today?!?

The days are long and the years are short. Take time for you. Take time to soak up these crazy days, breathe them in and just relax for a brief moment. Throw today’s to-do list in the trash and seize the day to connect with your littles. The crumbs on the floor will still be there tomorrow…and then some. 😉

Jump on the bed. They will squeal with delight.

And maybe, just maybe capture it in front of a camera. Take one of these long days, relax, get your hair and makeup done, put on something you feel beautiful in and capture the fleeting moment of you and your littles. And end the session by jumping on the bed. Oh what joy.

Years from now, sit down with your loved ones and go through these prints. Pass them around and smile and laugh and maybe even cry because the years are so short. Give this precious gift to your children. They want to remember YOU being there right beside them….jumping on the bed…..and cleaning up the crumbs.


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