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My Motherwomanhood Experience with Jenn – A Testimonial

Photo Sessions for WomenIt Was All About Me

I would label my experience as motherwomanhood in action. I felt like a woman but a blessed mother all at once during my photo shoot with Jenn. From the time before, during, and after the shoot the detailing that Jenn thinks of is none that I have experienced before.  The apps Jenn provides give instructions and focus on yourself leading up to the day of the shoot, making sure you are gearing up for a “me day” while giving yourself “me time”.  As mothers we are always so focused on those around us, especially when it comes to photo shoots and photos in general. Her instructions allowed me to step back and really focus on myself and what I wanted rather than what others needed FROM me.

Being Pampered

I wanted to make as little decisions as possible when it came to my shoot, I am a control freak and a mother of three that is ALWAYS making decisions. For once I wanted to be taken care of and told what to do 🙂 The second I walked into Jenn’s office not only was I taken care of but so was my precious daughter. It was as if we were princesses living in a fairy tale. Whatever we needed we had at our fingertips, the grace, professionalism and kindness we were treated with made the morning one that both my daughter and I will never forget.

Memories Forever in our Minds and Hearts

What I enjoyed even more is that it didn’t feel like work, which taking pictures of any sort, especially ones involving little people, can feel like.  The motherwomanhood in action shoot felt like … fun.  Felt like … glamour. Felt like …a treasure. Felt like … growth. Of course my daughter and I will have these photos forever but what really matters is the experience we shared together and the memory that we will forever have imprinted in our minds and hearts. I am not fond of taking pictures and my self-esteem isn’t the greatest.  When working with Jenn and her team, I felt at ease and all anxiety drifted away due to the way Jenn handles her clients and in the way her passion shines through in her work, details and committed authenticity.

The Beautiful Details

I also would like to point out the care of the details that Jenn took careful thought of AFTER the session is over!  I felt incredibly fancy and classy after receiving my matted prints in a stylish over sized bag that I can reuse over and over again in my life as a mom and busy woman. Adding even more class and excitement was the feeling of importance when I opened the sleek black box holding my drive, because the drive itself is a beautiful ornamental piece! Rather than boring or generic the little data holder is sleek and classy making me feel and remember that the whole experience was on a whole other level!

An Experience for All Women

Jenn has put together a session that women, young and old, will always remember. An experience that changes the way women will come to think of photo sessions.  This is a legacy that we leave our children hidden in the moments captured by Jenn and her talent. I cannot think of a better gift to not only your children or a family member but also to yourself!



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