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Session Premiere and the Reveal

I have made changes in how I do things over the years and one of the changes I could not be MORE excited about….the session premiere.

My session premieres begin with watching a video of your photography session.  The video includes both still images and video clips.  This is the coolest thing ever and I have to admit that tears well up in my eyes after watching the videos.  The movement, the video clips that bring people to life… is so wonderful.

And if my client has expressed interest in buying a Folio Box which is a beautifully, handmade box which holds matted prints, you know what I do?  I print and mat all of the best images from the session for clients to see and hold in their hands.  You get to SEE the beautiful finished product in your hand.  And if you love what you see, I pack everything up and you get to take it home with you when you leave.  No waiting.  And let me tell you, there is no hard sell.  If you don’t like your photos, you don’t buy anything.  It is my job to take such amazing photos for you that you have to have them all.

There is something so different about holding a picture in your hand – a wave of emotion that you feel in your heart when you have a beautiful photo of someone you love in front of you.

I want each and every client of mine to display prints in their homes, to walk by them each day and smile, to share these images with family, and to have these heirlooms for future generations to enjoy.  It is your legacy.  What will your family find when they look for prints of you?


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