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Much About Momma Project | Women’s Portraiture Sessions | Brooke Halperin from the Funny in Mommy

This is the first in a series of sessions about moms.  During Kate Densmore’s Voice and Visual Intent course, we were encouraged to take on a personal project after the course and this one is mine.

I call it the “Much About Momma” project.  So often, mommas are behind the camera, capturing family memories but not in the pictures.  My hope is to get these moms in front of my camera.  I want them to see the beauty that everyone else sees in them.  I want them to have images of themselves at this stage in their lives.  I want their children, husbands, and families to be able to look back at their beautiful mom and wife and remember these days.  I want this to be about THEM.  Many moms are so busy taking care of everyone else that they forget about themselves.  Or, maybe they think about it but feel too guilty to do something for themselves.  It is my hope that moms will take a little bit of time for them.  They need it in order to take better care of everyone around them.

So all you mommas, I challenge you to take some time for yourself this year – whatever that may be! Be brave and get in front of your camera.  Pop that puppy on a tripod.  Set it on a table.  Give the camera to your husband or someone else (maybe me?!) and get in the picture.  And then be brave and post a picture of yourself on your Facebook page.  Not your children, not your family, and not you with your children, (we love those pictures, too, don’t get me wrong) but this is about you and we want to see YOU!  It is my hope that you will see the beauty we all see as you look at the images.

With all that said, I want to introduce you to a wonderful woman, mom, and friend of mine, Brooke Halperin.  Brooke is the talented writer behind The Funny in Mommy, a blog about finding the humor in the struggles of being a mom and a woman.  Not only is she a talented writer but she is an amazing friend, mom, and woman.  She is one of my heroes as you can see her around town with her three littles, including two year old twins and a four year old, taking them to the library, park, events, activities, and parades.  She lovingly helps them make motorcycles out of zoobs, create beautifully decorated cookies, amazing crafts, and I could go on and on.  As a friend, she is encouraging, kind, helpful, and thoughtful.  I was having a tough week and one day I came home to find a bag on my doorstep with lots of treats and a bottle of wine – it made my day!!  I love how Brooke keeps it real and shares her life, the good and the bad parts, with a wide audience of readers which I think is so brave and awesome!!

Be sure to take a peek at her work at The Funny in Mommy ( or on Facebook at

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